NEWS: July 2017

Dewiswch o’r blwch i gyfieithu. The gallery is open again after refurbishment over the winter.

The guest exhibition of paintings by Keith Durrant, titled ‘Times, Places and Dreams’ will be on 4-30 July. Read more.

The acoustic folk music sessions are running again every Monday, 7:30 pm start. On Monday 3 July this will be combined with a preview of Keith’s exhibition and a celebration of the reopening of the gallery.

The current Resident Artists’ Exhibitions have work by Bernard Barnes and Reyna Rushton, plus guest exhibitions by two of Bernard’s  progeny – Sasha and Alyosha Barnes.

Jasper Elgood will be returning for four evening philosophy talks. The topics are ‘Mysticism and Class‘ on 13 July and ‘Continuity‘ on 20 July and ‘Environmental Ethics’ on 27 July, and a recently added fourth talk ‘Mysticism and Class part 2: the politics of the contemplative life’ on 3 August. The talks start at 7:30pm. All welcome. No charge.

Books by Bernard Barnes

Bernard has had a self publishing spree. Check out his titles on Amazon or signed copies available in the gallery. The Captives of the Cosmic Web, City as Superorganism, Travels with an environmentally friendly puppet and The cat who said woof. The catalogue of his most recent work, Fragments of Devon, is also available to buy.


Goethe Quote

“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”

Quote from Goethe, or is it?

Open Day and Carnival

carnival-poster a4

Giant Puppet Dance – Calling for Puppeteers


Fancy being a Puppet Master? We are experimenting with creating a Giant Puppet Dance Group, to perform, initially, at the Puppet Carnival on July 23rd. The aim is to create simple round dances that can be performed by these giants. Hard and hot work, but could be a lot of fun.

First meeting will be on Friday 15th July at 7.30pm in St John’s Hall Gallery, Barmouth

Just turn up if you’re interested.

Philosophy in July from Jasper Elgood

Jasper Elgood

For those interested in philosophy, Jasper Elgood is giving a series of 4 talks in July on Thursday evenings, each starting at 7:30pm. The titles and dates of his talks are:

  • Thurs 7th July: Malice – Invasion of the Narcissists from Hell
  • Thurs 14th July: Barrack Obama and Donald Trump – The Noble and the Base a Lost Theme in Political Discourse
  • Thurs 21st July: Walking Meditation – How to Get from A to B Without Leaving A
  • Thurs 28th July: What is ‘Why’? – Questioning Questioning

For a flavour of previous years’ talks, recordings are available here:

jaspers talks-for web

A kind of Cubism that I keep returning to


I keep returning to this style. Cubism in first appearance, but from a different angle.

There is so much to explore in this style of painting. I return to it over and again. This time I come to it as a complex in the centre of a web. As we go closer to the centre of the web, so the image becomes more complex, until an illusion of reality begins to appear. It parallels the working of the eye, where only a small area of the retina is sharp.

I will explore this approach a little more, maybe combining clusters into the same image.

Part of the development of the puppet theatre the gallery

This crude experiment is the first stage in the development of a scrolling background in the puppet theatre. It has established a traditional method to create illusion of movement while the figure remains stationary. It will form part of our introductory sequence to the opening of the talking head theatre.

Date of New Carnival Fixed for September 19th and 20th

Barry (Lim) has persuaded me that there is enough home grown talent and creativity in the town to sustain an end of summer event over the 2 days. Work is well advanced with the theatre, and lots of ideas are flowing. We look forward to hearing from anyone who has an ‘act’ a ‘contribution’ of any kind. We are looking for good ideas that are wacky, thoughtful, beautiful, awe inspiring…. anything that will contribute to the pleasure of the day. If anyone is interested in contributing, call in at the gallery and we can talk about it.

Jasper Elgood talks about the films of Robert Bresson

Jasper Elgood will be talking on
Sept 3rd
St John’s Hall Gallery
at 7.30 pm


Update: The sound recordings of the 3 talks by Jasper are available to play on the post advertising the talks here.

Summer Talks with Jasper Elgood

Still from “A Man Escaped” via

The following evening talks by Jasper Elgood will be taking place in September 2015 at the Gallery:

The Transcendental Style in Cinema

(Is Robert Bresson “the greatest artist of the twentieth century?”)
An illustrated talk by Jasper Elgood
September 3rd 2015 at 7.30pm

Update: Recording of the talk added on 18/10/15. The recording had to be split into 2 because of file size limitations. There wasn’t a break.

First part

Second part

Narrative versus Enquiry

(The duty to escape from the known to the unknown)
September 10th at 7.30 pm

Update: Recording of the talk added on 18/10/15. The recording had to be split into 2 because of file size limitations. There wasn’t a break.

First part

Second Part

Getting out of the Light

(What should the self do with itself?)
September 17th at 7.30 pm
postponed to:
September 24th at 7.30pm

Update: Recording of the talk added on 18/10/15.

Jasper talks about his talks: Continue reading

Carnival Postponed

The Gallery has decided to try an experiment this year, holding the carnival after the excesses of August. We may possibly get more support from people who are too busy in high season. Maybe we could have the procession on a Saturday at the end of September. This will give us more time to explore some of the interesting new ideas that are arising in our planning.

For example: We have been considering giving the carnival a theme – and incidentally give the Gallery another range of activity to explore. The theme of ‘The Talking Head’ based on the return of Bran (mentioned in the Mabinogion) has been hit upon.

We intend and have already started making 4 new large figures (each requiring 3 people to operate). We intend these figures to form up, at appropriate moments in a walk, or while in the gallery, to create a puppet theatre complete with drawing curtain, lights, back projection etc. This theatre could be used for string puppets or glove puppets.

There will also be a large puppet of the head of Bran which will preside over the event, making comment at appropriate moments in the day, like a narrator. The large puppets who form the body of the theatre would also make a contribution at intervals, rather in the manner of the chorus in Greek theatre. Thus there will be three tiers of comment possible in a singe performance. Anyone interested in contributing to this unusual theatrical set-up, please ring 07767862382.