Experimental ‘Mixed Tape’ Video Evening

On Wednesday evening (23 August) at the gallery we had a trial run of a format for an evening of sharing video clips from YouTube (could be from other sites, but YouTube has the playlist facility).

This is the playlist that was prepared before the evening, if you wanted to look.

The idea we have had is that instead of watching things on individual devices by yourself, watching with others gives another dimension. People laugh at the same points, you can discuss things that come up, you see things you wouldn’t have come across otherwise. There could be themed evenings on a particular topic. Or like this one an eclectic mixture of things that the audience may not have seen and may find interesting.

The test evening was to try out equipment. Getting a good sound quality is important if you are listening to music. By the end of the evening we had a working set up that sounded good, but there were lots of cables all over, so that still needs some working out.

The projector and internet worked well. From a practical point of view it would be better to set up the projector as a ‘second monitor’, so that one screen can be used to cue up other extra videos suggested by the audience while one is playing. These could be added to the playlist while it is running.

Other things to note: You do have to be ready to skip adverts and alter the volume because the levels vary between videos.

What name could we give to these evenings? Any suggestions?

A video tour of the new arrangement inside the gallery

If the video above does not display correctly, you can view it on YouTube at https://youtu.be/MMpAkou4hvU.

Video Interview with Bernard Barnes and Harald Gassner from 2014

We’ve recently rediscovered a video from 2014 of an interview with Bernard Barnes where he talks about his life as an artist, the large painting on the north wall, ‘Captives of the Cosmic Web’. He and Harald Gassner also talk about their hopes for the gallery to become a Centre for the Creative Mind. The interview and the video were made by Larissa Siegrist.

Scene 1: The army sets out

An experiment in story telling with a ‘frame of puppets’.

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Part of the development of the puppet theatre the gallery

This crude experiment is the first stage in the development of a scrolling background in the puppet theatre. It has established a traditional method to create illusion of movement while the figure remains stationary. It will form part of our introductory sequence to the opening of the talking head theatre.

Rob Gordon talks about the Pub Philosophy Movement

Groups are meeting in Machynlleth and Dolgellau to talk about philosophy. Why not here in Barmouth?

Rob Campbell has run philosophical discussion groups at various locations since 2000 and is currently facilitating a group at The Stag Inn, Dolgellau and at Cafe Glas, The Tabernacle, Machynlleth, as mentioned in the video. His website with contact details is here: http://www.alltogethermusic.co.uk/about-rob.html

Miranda Duffy tells us about the amazing animations of Studio Ghibli

Bernard had a stimulating chat with Miranda when she visited the gallery recently. The earlier part of the conversation about Japanese Outsider Art is covered in a separate post. The conversation then moved on to similarities between Bernard’s mural, Captives of the Cosmic Web, and the animated films of Studio Ghibli. A snippet of the conversation is in the video clip below.

Here is a trailer for the Princess Mononoke movie she mentioned.

And another trailer in Japanese.

There is a full version of Spirited Away, also from the Studio Ghibli.

Miranda Duffy talks about her work as a ceramic sculptor in London

The sculpture that Miranda is referring to is by Shinichi Sawada and can be seen here. and below. This was exhibited in the Souzou Outsider Art from Japan exhibition at the Welcome Collection 28 March – 30 June 2013
Below is a short video showcasing some of the art from that exhibition.

The sculpture that inspired Miranda

Spikey monstor ceramic scupture
Shinichi Sawada‘s spiked ceramic works depict a world populated by fantastical sea-monsters and mythical demons.

If you are interested in learning more about outsider art the BBC Imagine series did a documentary called “Turning the Art World Inside Out”, which I think includes Shinichi Sawada.

Lawrence and Bernard mess around

A thank you to all the friends who celebrated the recovery of Bernard’s clarinet.

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Penny Gibbons from Towyn talks about setting up her new studio

Retired teacher begins new life

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