Showreel from a Mid Wales Ethical Film Company

This is a demo showreel from Greengage Films. We found it enchanting, full of beautifully filmed and observed clips, each one of which is a little gem.

Greengage Films ( is an independent production company based in Mid Wales, providing outstanding films for internet and broadcast purposes. Greengage Films is a socially and environmentally responsible company, grown out of a passion for the natural world and its preservation. They believe that communication through film can have a positive impact on the world we live in.

After graduating in fine art, Malka worked as a photographer for RTL television in Germany, then went on to assist the environmental and wildlife photographer David Woodfall. Malka then specialised in moving imaging. After breaking into the TV industry working on various programmes, including Time Team (C4), Climate Chaos (BBC4) and Iolos Welsh Safari (BBC Wales) it became apparent that Malka wanted to work closer to the subject she was filming. She started volunteering for NGO’s and charities including the London Wildlife Trust and the RSPB, getting her hands dirty digging, hedge laying and fulfilling other tasks required. From this the seed for Greengage Films has grown.

Puppet Parade through Barmouth, Part 2

Part of the Puppet Carnival 19/20 September 2015 organised by St John’s Hall Gallery. Second stage of the parade on the Saturday.


Large Dragon Parades Around Talbot Square, Barmouth

Fabulous dragon puppet made by Sue, parading through the square on 20 September 2015 as part of the Puppet Carnival organised by St John’s Hall Gallery.


Puppet Parade through Barmouth, part 1

Part of the Puppet Carnival 19/20 September 2015 organised by St John’s Hall Gallery


John Ruskin Visits Barmouth Puppet Carnival

On the weekend of 19/20 September 2015 St John’s Hall Gallery hosted a Puppet Carnival, which we hope will become an annual event.
Why John Ruskin?
The Guild of St George was founded by John Ruskin on the Rock in Barmouth in 1871. He wished to establish a community to promote the well being and happiness of working men and to prevent them from slipping into beggary/poverty. See: for more info.


Progress on the Talking Head Puppet Theatre and Carnival

In St John’s Hall Gallery Barmouth work is progressing on the ‘Bran’ puppet theme. This ‘Talking Head’ motif takes the story from the Mabinogion where the severed head of the giant king of Harlech is brought back from battle in Ireland, and it continues to tell stories each night for 20 years. That gives plenty of chance for invention.


Jasper Elgood talks about the films of Robert Bresson

Jasper Elgood will be talking on
Sept 3rd
St John’s Hall Gallery
at 7.30 pm


Update: The sound recordings of the 3 talks by Jasper are available to play on the post advertising the talks here.

Sandra Goddard Talks about her art based on fabric printing

Sandra makes three dimensional objects based on printed fabric originals. She visited St John’s Hall Gallery in August.


Rob Kenton Entertainer Visits the Gallery and talks about his work


Jolyon Goodman Introduces us to newly published book on Curnow Vosper

Curnow Vosper painted what is probably the most famous Welsh painting. Jolyon Vosper called into St John’s Hall Gallery, Barmouth to show us the new book. Copies are available to buy in the Gallery.