The Captives of the Cosmic Web

Filling the whole North wall of the Gallery is a large panel of 24 paintings, measuring 20′ high by 28′ wide, titled “The Captives of the Cosmic Web”. You really need to see it to appreciate the scale and detail, images here do not do it justice.

The Captives of the Cosmic Web
A composite image of individual photos of the panels (with enhancements)

Painted by Bernard Barnes, one of the artists in residence, each of the panels is a meditation on various aspects of the formation of our universe inspired by the latest discoveries made by astronomers and physicists. The picture also includes a narrative commenting on the emergence of this understanding as a result of the European enlightenment.

A detailed explanation of each of the panels can be found by selecting “The Wall” menu item on the blog or clicking here.

A friend of the gallery, Jasper Elgood, talks about the Captives of the Cosmic Web and why he is making a documentary about it: