New Viewing room for video in the Gallery Media centre

A roofed area will be created in the hall that can be heated during the cold winter months. This will enable the gallery to continue to be used for meetings throughout the year. Already one half of the area has a roof, the walls are blackened to create a darkened space, a digital projector hangs from the cealing and a screen on the wall. There is seating in there for about 16 people. Here we show a programme of video throughout each day, usually videos taken in the gallery or in and around Barmouth.

viewing-room-in-media-centre viewing-room-library

Within the next month a fast broadband connection will be installed, and that will greatly broaden the value of the viewing room. It will become a place where we may view films, playlists, conferencing calls and so on. We will begin experimenting with live broadcasts of events from the gallery.

The remainder of this long room will be devoted to the gallery library, already begun, containing a quirky selection of books that have proved of use to the resident artists as inspiration for their work. As time goes by this is being added to by gifts from friends of the gallery and additional acquisitions. It is hoped to provide a useful reference collection for a variety of users. In addition there will be free wifi in the entire space and access to computer terminals, enabling the centre to fufill its role as a centre for the creative and inquiring mind.

It is hoped that  experimental work in video will be undertaken by users of this new area in the centre.

The plan is to install a small woodburner in the corner of this room.