A few experiments with monoprints

Using variously treated MDF boards measuring 20″ x 20″ in order to make various experiments with different canvases, different primers, different inks, I made a frame to enable the printing:


The following images were produced. In them, apart from trying various permutation, I am interested in exploring the way in which a series of random events can be introduced into the picture. The lines passing through the picture surface from any random direction were made by scribing them on the back of the canvas.


This is a theme running through all the panels.
In the random matrix I tentatively experiment with emerging forms, complexity and structure out of chaos.


The interesting network of lines can be variously shaded to create levels within the pattern.



A variety of surfaces can be defined with knots and complexities, panels of colour, suggested images.


Other swirls and marks can likewise define areas


And used in combination with coloured sheets, Anything can be built up