Exhibition of art by Richard Morgan at St John's Hall Gallery Barmouth 5-30 September 2017

Paintings, Prints, Photography and Sculpture by Richard Morgan

The exhibition will include paintings, prints, photography and sculpture by Richard Morgan from Llanfachreth, Gwynedd. The exhibition will be open every day 11 am to 4:30 pm except Mondays when the gallery is closed.

About the Artist

Richard Morgan is a native of South Wales. Having attended grammar schools in Bridgend and Pengam he completed his Art education at the University of Sussex in Brighton and at the University of Wales, Abertystwyth, before taking up a teaching post at Ysgol Y Berwyn, Bala. He taught alongside Glyn Baines, eventually succeeding him as Head of Art at the school. At Bala he was an important part of the strong tradition in expressive and performing Arts and the Art dept, and made a major contribution to this flourishing movement that continues to this day.

Having recently retired, Richard now spend his time shaping the land on his smallholding in Llanfachreth with his wife Eluned and assorted livestock. Winter months are spent travelling and taking photographs which often become the inspiration for developing Art on his return. There are photographs in this exhibition from Peru and North America, but the landscape of this particular corner of North Wales is an enduring influence on his work.

Artist’s Statement

Art has always been an important part of my life, without ever being my whole life. I can no sooner explain where Art comes from as explain what life itself is about. I know that for me Creativity is vital and life-affirming, and in some way connects me to the great universal forces that move through all of us. The natural world is filled with wonder and magic and it is this that inspires me to create artefacts and images. These images can be derived from real and imagined places – they do not seek to record the particular place but rather are the vehicle for an underlying abstraction that seems to strike a chord with our aesthetic sense of order, colour and composition. As such they are intuitive forms that try to convey the inherent music or poetry of a place rather than it’s purely visual appearance.

My artistic statement can be summed up in two quotes by Maurice Denis:

“Remember that a painting is essentially a flat surface covered with colours assembled in a certain way.”
“All that is necessary to paint well is to be sincere”

Work in this small exhibition is deliberately diverse in terms of style and media and reflects a cross section of pieces created over the last 2 years.


If you are interested in viewing more work by Richard, please look at his website (www.celfrichardmorganart.com).

If you are on Facebook, please have a look at Richard’s pictures and like his facebook page there.


A few examples of Richard Morgan’s work below. Please click on any picture to open in lightbox.

Miranda Duffy talks about her work as a ceramic sculptor in London

The sculpture that Miranda is referring to is by Shinichi Sawada and can be seen here. and below. This was exhibited in the Souzou Outsider Art from Japan exhibition at the Welcome Collection 28 March – 30 June 2013
Below is a short video showcasing some of the art from that exhibition.

The sculpture that inspired Miranda

Spikey monstor ceramic scupture
Shinichi Sawada‘s spiked ceramic works depict a world populated by fantastical sea-monsters and mythical demons.

If you are interested in learning more about outsider art the BBC Imagine series did a documentary called “Turning the Art World Inside Out”, which I think includes Shinichi Sawada.