Activities and Visitors to St Johns Hall Gallery over the last week

Work on the first of the eight ceiling paintings has advanced, and a photograph of latest version of the painting is here.


The gallery was visited by Rob Perry, who stayed in the area working on some of his landscapes,

Jane Chapman, who talked about her MA art project about a welsh lodger who came to stay when she was 18 months old and never left,

and Tom Bond, who talked about his questionnaire about attitudes to climate change targeted at residents of Fairbourne.

Previous videos can be viewed on and on YouTube.

An article about Jane’s project here. Her work is being exhibited at Haford Wen, Harlech 13-20 December 2014

Art on a large scale with a political message: Cable Street Mural

Artists Paul Butler and Linda Jane James visited the gallery and talked about their work on various murals including the Cable Street Mural in London. This is the video of the conversation mostly with Paul.

Another video interview with more detail about the mural at Cable Street is here:

Images of the mural at Cable Street can be found via Google search. The mural represents the Battle of Cable Street which took place on Sunday 4 October 1936 in Cable Street in the East End of London. It was a clash between the Metropolitan Police, overseeing a march by the British Union of Fascists, led by Oswald Mosley, and anti-fascists, including local Jewish, socialist, anarchist, Irish and communist groups. The mural has been damaged by malicious attack various times and has been restored again, which is mentioned in the second video above. More information about this mural can be found at

Another mural that Paul and Linda mentioned they have been involved in restoring is the Hackney Peace Carnival Mural.

Paul talked about a paint system, keim paint, a pure pigment paint system used for the murals, which is available commercially in the UK from

Another selection of interviews with visitors to the Gallery

Mark and his son Paul, old friends of the gallery

Emily Walter talks about Mexican artist Teresa Margolles

Some information about Teresa Margolles here:

Hugh Roberts talks in St Johns Hall Gallery about his archive

The sets of historic images of Barmouth can be found here:

Martin from Oxford talks about terraforming and a long walk around Britain

His blog is at

More videos of visitors are in a previous post and available on our YouTube channel.

The gallery is a place of music and dance as well as Art

This selection of videos of visitors to the gallery involve some musical performance.

Denise, co-organiser of the Nick Drake Festival, talks about the festival, Nick Drake and sings a song in Dutch

Information about the Nick Drake Annual Gathering is available at

Chris and Bridgette, with Guy and Chrisie Tucker – old friends finding old tunes they used to play together.

Charlie Potatoes, talks about depression and sings about Churchill’s Black Dog

Information about Big Time Charlie Potatoes is available at

Charlie Potatoes sings another sad song

Two dancers in the gallery

Lawrence plays Bach on the stage in the gallery

We get some very interesting people visiting the gallery and we video them

We are always pleased to talk to people who come to the gallery to find out about them, their lives, their projects, and what they think, not just what they think about the work in the gallery. And if they are willing we record them on video. Do call in and you could be recorded too. Here are some of our recent visitors:

Sebastian from Cornwall talks about an artist he admires

Talking about artist Alex Grey

Nitin Sawhney from New York talks about his film ‘Flying Paper’

See website:

Jabi from Valencia

Facebook page that he refers to:

Frank Cleary tells us that the gallery has inspired him to do an interesting course at university